REVIEW: “YARN” By Eddy K, A Jam Or Just Ordinary Song?

This track didn’t fail to show the more of a storyteller he is as he sent the listeners to his past experience when he was struggling to make impact in life.


The song is surely one of the current best tracks at the moment. It is not the type of track that blended to join the current trends like shakushaku/Zanku to gain relevance. It is a normal track with self uniqueness and dynamism. This should be the best project yet from him.


Overall, we will rate the song 8/10 ★★★★★★★★☆☆

So Guys 👇

Do You Think Eddy k’s “YARN” Is A Jam Or Just Ordinary Song?

On A Scale Of 0 – 10, Rate “YARN” By Eddy K

Lets know your rating and what you think about the music in the comment section.


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