Nollywood Actress Uche Okoye Begs Wizkid For S*x Again (Video)

up and coming Uche Okoye who Introduces herself as “Sexy lady. Social media influencer, Nollywood actress” has never hidden her lust for music star, Wizkid. Last time she said she wants Wizkid to Impregnate her. This time around she is begging Wizkid for s*x.

Eminent words in the video posted are:

“I love Wizkid so much and it’s crazy. Wizkid, I’ve got great body. I’m so clean, you will like me, just let’s strike a deal, let’s have s*x already and you will like it. I love you so much.”

But the lady has come under great criticisms. Wizkid’s fans have blasted her heavily. Some think she only wants fame via Wizkid, Others think she wants to destroy Wizkid. Others are advising her to stop this, since she will get married someday and this her lustful act may destroy her in the future.

What Do You Think About This Lady’s act?


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