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Foreign Music · July 7, 2018 0

FOREIGN MUSIC: Rich The Kid – A Lot On My Mind

After a harrowing encounter with several hostile parties, Rich The Kid has bounced back with a new single, appropriately titled “A Lot On My Mind.” The track, which comes complete with accompanying video, finds Rich reflecting over a smooth instrumental, leaving a trail of lyrical breadcrumbs for those willing to play the sleuth. As imaginative as the young flexer can sometimes be, he’s not exactly known for his pointed introspection or self-analysis. Throughout “A Lot On My Mind,” Rich alludes to a variety of “jealous homies,” painting pictures of set-ups and betrayals.

Granted, the words are given a sense of credence, given recent events. Seeing Rich posted up in a hospital bed was disturbing to say the least, and it’s great to see him landing on his feet. Yesterday, while teasing the arrival of this track, he promised another album was forthcoming. Clearly, you can’t keep a good man down, as they say. Side-note, shout out to Boris; it’s not easy to find a reliable driver these days.

In the mean time, peep Rich’s return to the game. Should you be seeking a first hand account of recent events, you may find yourself disappointed. Yet perhaps there is something to be found for those willing to read between the lines. Are ya’ll still feeling The Kid?