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Entertainment · July 10, 2018 0

Decoded vs T Man – Whose Songs Do You Enjoy Listening To The Most?

Sup 60vocals Media Visitors,

Welcome to 60vocals Classic Questions 😜, Today we will be examining the Music industry and we will sure compare and contrast some celebrities in there.


Yung Effissy vs Decoded – Whose Songs Do You Enjoy Listening To The Most?

Decoded and T Man are the two front-line acts we have presently in the Music industry. I can’t argue abeg!!!

We’ve known Decoded as Slang Author for a very long time now and the name has been widely spread and accepted that even one Nigeria act “The Weekend” named himself Omo Ologo too, but he received alot of bashing from Nigerians.

Decoded intrinsically means “Packing Personality” according to my own dictionary , you can give your own meaning too, na understanding matter.

The main thrust of today class is to examine the name that will be giving to the other Street act “T Man” .

So Guys

Decoded vs T Man “Whose Songs Do You Enjoy Listening To The Most?

Let’s hear from you, I’ll be in the comment section.

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